A Weekend of Firsts

There were a number of firsts this weekend aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun, including welcoming my high school buddy, Dave, aboard for the first time. I also welcomed back another fellow Connolly Cougar, Al.

After picking up Dave at the Wilmington Amtrak station we shopped for our food, stocked up on a few different IPAs, headed to Rock Hall and provisioned the boat.  Being the seasoned angler he is, Dave brought along his fishing pole and was eager to cast for some striped bass, referred to locally as rockfish.  So, we fired up the dingy, grabbed a couple IPAs and set off for the spot where the Chesapeake Bay feeds into Swan Creek.  It was the first time I had taken the inflatable that far from the marina.

After about an hour of casting and drifting, the only thing we caught was a gorgeous sunset.  The sky was mostly covered in clouds exhibiting a purple hue, with small openings letting a stab of light shine through.  We had the entire Bay to ourselves.

It was off to Osprey Point for dinner, where we bellied up to the bar and ordered Manhattans.  Caesar salad, steak, prime rib and red wine followed.  Miraculously, we somehow managed to save room for dessert.  Back on board the boat, two fingers of Bullet bourbon capped the night.

Al arrived early the next morning and we set a course for the Corsica River, where we dropped anchor for the first time in a quiet, protective cove.  The only action on the river were the many hawks, and even a bald eagle, flying over head.  Dave broke out his rod once again, planted his feet on the swim platform and let the lure fly towards the shoreline.  Plop, then a bite, and just like that there was a 15″ stripper on the line.  That rockfish was the first fish ever caught on my boat.  After snapping a few pics we released it back into the river.

The wind picked up late afternoon and we left the calmness of the Corsica into some chop on the Chester River to some serious rollers back out in the Bay.  The Beneteau handled the waves well and before long we were back at Haven Harbour.  We cleated our lines, hosed her down and headed off to dinner, where barbecued ribs and fries awaited us.

In the morning, with Al was off to beat the bridge traffic, Dave and I were on our way to Wilmington to get him on an earlier train.  He had upgraded to First Class on the Acela, a first for him. Life is good, especially with good friends whom you first met back in high school.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


Dave Fishing From the Dingy


Purple Clouds Overhead


Three Amigos


Got My Toes Near the Water




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