Naval Maneuvers

Upon arriving at Haven Harbour with my little sister, Trish, and brother-in-law, Gary, we were greeted by a strange-looking chalky figurehead on the prow of a boat.  An ominous omen, perhaps.   Because just an hour or so later dark clouds began to form, the wind picked up and it was apparent to all that a major storm was brewing.

We grabbed raincoats and umbrellas, ran to our car and headed next door to Osprey Point for dinner.  We barely made it inside before the skies exploded. Safely inside, we settled in and enjoyed a wonderful meal: Prime Rib, Soft Shell Crabs, Grilled Chicken and some red wine.  By the time we finished the squall had passed and we had a relatively dry return trip to the boat, except for a soggy shoe or two.

The rain moved out and Saturday was hot and dry.  We set out to spend the day at one of our favorites places on the Bay, Annapolis.  We hitched our vessel to a town mooring, caught the water taxi to shore and set out to enjoy our day.

First stop was the Naval Academy.  The 338-acre campus, all of it a National Landmark, is located on the former grounds of Fort Severn, at the junction of the Chesapeake Bay and the Severn River.  We didn’t walk the entire campus but we did get a great feel for the richness of it’s history.  And I did find time to purchase a “Bill the Goat” floppy sun hat.

Then it was off to lunch at Pusser’s.  The food was so-so but the front row seat to all the comings and goings in Ego Alley was worth it.  The traffic was constant and diverse:  power boats, sailboats, ferries, kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis and inflatables.  It it floated, it was there.

After lunch we walked through town where we met The Mayor, a huge bullmastif.  Alice grabbed a quick pic as she did her best to avoid his drool. Then the ladies set off to shop while Gary and I baked in the afternoon heat. Our patience was eventually rewarded with a Kilwin’s  ice cream.

Later that evening, back in Rock Hall, we headed over the Waterman’s for another night of good food, laughter and music.  What started as an ominous weather weekend ended under calm and peaceful skies.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


White Walker, Perhaps?


Dark Skies at Night, Run for Cover


‘Tis the SeaSun Moored in Annapolis Harbor


Water Taxi Couples


Anchors Aweigh…Go Navy, Beat Army!


Alice and the Mayor


Old Bi-Plane Suspended from the Rafters of a Naval Academy Building

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