Pirate Flags & Wenches Booty

Avast, Ye!  The Annual Pirates & Wenches weekend was in full swing by the time we arrived in Rock Hall with our guests, Patrick and Sara.  The festival was quite festive and the majority of attendees were sporting swashbuckling and sexy attire.   The rain was holding off and the town was ready for action.  

Haven Harbour set off their cannon salute at 5 p.m. to mark the official start of the weekend and the start of The Haven Yacht Club’s Pirate Party.  We kept the plundering to a minimum while enjoying plenty of grog and grub.  The food was tasty and creative: Seaweed Wraps, Pirate Booty, Cannon Balls, Polly Crackers and Dead Man’s Fingers.  And blimey!, the Pirate Punch packed quite the real punch.

After much munching and mingling (and even a Pirate Santa sighting) we headed back to ‘Tis the SeaSun for a dingy ride and sunset cruise.  Although the clouds overtook the sun, we still had a great time traversing Swan Creek in the inflatable and counting the many Jolly Rogers flying high above the waterline.  Having avoided Dave Jones’ locker, we considered the evening a success.  

On Saturday morning, we scallywags rode our bikes into town for breakfast sandwiches and iced coffee at Java Rock.  The little “downtown” area was bustling with Buccaneers and Main Street was closed to vehicle traffic and host to pop up retail tents with lots of booty to purchase.  There was even activities for the kids, including a pirate performer riding a unicycle while juggling knives and a lighted torch.  Don’t try this at home!

In addition to the many pirates and wenches, there were mermaids scattered all about town.  They were perched on beanbag “rocks” in their own private lairs, replete with a selection of siren songs playing overhead.  

Later that afternoon we took the Jeep jitney over to the town’s beach, a small, rocky waterline that was adorned with swashbuckling swag and hoards of rum swilling sea dogs.  There were food trucks, frozen concoctions and, yes, more mermaids. A cheerleading stunting demonstration was even “spotted” beachside.  

Evening rolled around and we all wandered over to Waterman’s to watch the crowning of the King and Queen and enjoy the dock dance party, which continued on despite the lightening and torrential downpour.  Seems like a little rain does not dampen the swashbuckler, or wenches, spirit.  The harder it rained the more they boogied, looking  like they were celebrating the plundering of a kings ransom.

On Sunday it was time to take the big boat out, so we pushed off and charted a southerly course for the Corsica River, a new destination for us.  The Corsica is up the Chester River and home to the now-closed Russian Embassy’s Country Retreat, a 45-acre compound overlooking the water.  

The River was calm, serene and unspoiled.  The adjacent shoreline was protected, plush and pleasing to the eye.  Or should I say, Aye!

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️

Boom! The Haven Harbour Cannon
Photo Op with The Haven Yacht Club Buccaneer
Don’t Try This at Home!
The Weekend Crew
Pirate Santa Role-Playing, “Local DJ & Taylor Swift”
Pat & Sara Contemplating New Lands to Conquer
Lawns, Boats & Shoreline All Decorated for the Festival

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