100 Degrees of Perspiration

“My temperature runs a couple of degrees high, around a hundred.” 

So rasped Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker in the 1981 neo-noir thriller, Body Heat. Some 30 years later, as we began our Maryland weekend, her words would portend that week’s boating experience. Joining us this weekend, all the way from Quebec City, were are friends Caroline and Daniel.  Caroline and I share the same birthday, so we decided upon a joint celebration aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun.

As we headed south to Maryland in my Jeep, the dashboard thermometer hit 101 degrees.  We were in the midst of a brutal heatwave and our Canadian guests were doing their best to assimilate to a 30-degree temperature swing from back home.  Just the simple act of breathing caused us all to break out in a sweat.

There was little relief from the heat to be found, except maybe at the marina’s pool. So, upon arriving at the boat, we sent our guests off to cool down while Alice and I prepped the boat and cranked the onboard AC.  I changed out of one sweat-drenched shirt to the next until finally accepting the fact that I was going to continue to perspire, whether I was active or sedentary.

Early evening temps settled into the low 80’s as we served up some local fare for dinner, Maryland crab cakes, along with some frosty white wine. Dinner was followed by a very competitive game of Jenga.  And while we didn’t come close to breaking the world record of 40 levels, but we did hit 14 and relished in our achievement.

Alice surprised Caroline and I with a dockside birthday party afterwards.  We were joined for our celebration by Cathy and Peder, who gifted me a wine glass, adorned with an anchor and fittingly inscribed with the words, Bad Bouy.

Despite the excessive heat and humidity, Alice was able to successfully keep our b-day surprise chilled: Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.  So thoughtful and so tasty.

Saturday we were up early and on our way to Annapolis.  With possible thunderstorms in the forecast I would keep an eye on the sky.  Heavy rain was predicted for the evening so it looked like we had a clear day to be on the water.

Unfortunately, a new day did not bring with it a break in the heat.  The breeze from running our Beneteau at 21 knots felt refreshing.  That feeling quickly disappeared when we entered Annapolis harbor and tied up to a mooring ball. The sun’s heat was relentless, there was no breeze to be had and the need for an air conditioned restaurant was imperative.

Thankfully, we were able to hail a water taxi and head to town without too much delay.  After disembarking, we walked along Ego Alley, past a boat called, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  WTF, that name captured perfectly our attitude towards the weather.

Lunch was at the perfect climate controlled, Red Red Wine.  A Cuban panini and white wine mango sangria hit the spot.  Afterwards, it was back outside, strolling the sun-drenched brick streets.

“The heat is on/It’s on the street”

It was so hot that we all agreed we deserved ice cream.  So we stopped off for a few cones.  I ordered my go to: Java Chocolate Chip.

As we headed back to the water taxi I received a severe weather alert on my phone.  Thunderstorms and damaging winds were approaching, several hours early than originally predicted.  I had a quick decision to make: Try and outrun the storm or seek shelter.

We reversed course, pulled up a bar stool and settled in with a front row seat for the deluge.  Within moments of us all slipping inside the skies opened up, unleashing a firehose of precipitation, soaking pedestrians and flooding the tiny streets.

We spent about 45 minutes riding out the storm and then headed back to the water taxi, traversing the harbor in a light rain.  By the time we arrived back at our boat the sun, and the swelter, re-emerged.

The heat may have been back, and on, but the 50 mile an hour gusts that accompanied the thunderstorms were gone. With a near empty Bay to ourselves, we enjoyed a nice, smooth ride back to Rock Hall.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


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