Star Spangled Stags

Fairfield University was representing this holiday weekend, as I welcomed fellow Stags Brad and Marylou back aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun. Besides being a great roommate, Brad is one of the best cooks I know. We were in for a treat, as he and ML whipped up the weekend’s menu.

We finished provisioning the boat right before the skies opened up and a howling summer storm hit. The wind was fierce and the rain was horizontal. As fast as it arrived, the storm blew out, leaving behind a beautiful evening, loaded with abundant sunshine.

When the skies cleared our dockmate’s Chesapeake Bay retrievers decided to go for a swim in the Creek. We watched the two Chessies swim and retrieve until they tired, and one of their oversized green tennis balls floated away. Feeling sorry for them, we hopped into the dingy, setting out to conduct some nautical retrieving ourselves.

After successfully returning the green neon orb to its rightful owner, we cruised around the Creek for a bit and then headed back for dinner. The menu: Old Bay seasoned shrimp and Tomato/Basil/Mozzarella. It was delish.

Sunday morning rolled around and we were up and on our way with Peder and Cathy to Herrington Harbor on the western shore. The skies were clear and the seas smooth. It was a beautiful ride and, surprisingly, the Bay was relatively void of boat traffic. We followed Still Dreaming out of Rock Hall, into the Bay, under the Bridge, past an enormous Cruise Ship and south to Tracy’s Landing.

We arrived a little after high noon to a real “scorcha,” as we say in Boston. Turn up the heat: It was 90 degrees with literally no breeze. We couldn’t get the AC powered on fast enough.

A lazy afternoon soon turned to early evening and it was time for showers and boat drinks.  We cleaned up and headed over to Peder and Cathy’s boat. There we were met with a warm welcome and a succulent spread of apps.

After lots of storytelling, belly laughing and one bloody toe (mine), we shared our thanks and headed back to our side of the marina to grill up some Flintstone-sized, coffee-rubbed rib eyes, under the shade of a cluster of oak trees. Those bad boys were dished up with a side of grilled corn on the cob and the best Barolo to ever pleasure my palate.

Monday, another hot one, was upon us. We scored some relief from the heat as we took ‘Tis on plane and headed North at 21 knots. Today’s destination was the Magothy River and a day on the hook.  We grilled burgers and dogs and chilled for a few hours before heading back to Rock Hall, where we had a front row seat to the town’s fireworks from the bow of our boat.

Most of the marina had cleared out by Tuesday afternoon, including our crew. After cleaning the boat following a long weekend of fun, Alice and I headed to the shoreline, settled into an adirondack chair and savored a cold draft beer, compliments of bartender extraordinaire, Matthew.

Post dinner, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert in town, polishing off our scoops at Durdings, a true throw back to ice cream parlor days of the past. It was a fitting end to our own college throwback weekend.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,
Keith ⚓️

Saturday’s Storm Was Fast & Furious
Nautical Retrievers, Stag Style…Alice, Brad, Marylou and I Enjoying Late Afternoon Sunshine


The Best B/T/M Ever!
Our Boat Cruising By A Gigantic Carnival Cruise Ship


Nestled In the Slip at Herrington Harbour
The Always Dreaming and ‘Tis the SeaSun Crew


Stags for Life and Members of Nova Nation, Thanks to Our Kids
Another Magnificent Chesapeake Sunset…Perfect Sky for Fireworks.


Matthew, Passage Bartender Extraordinaire, Showing His Independence Day Spirit

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