Seaside Rendezvous, Times Two

We brought a lot of folks together this past weekend for some fun in the sun. Nine in total visited ‘Tis the SeaSun for an action packed gathering of co-workers, family and friends over the course of four days.

I kicked it all off on Thursday with an offsite for the best PR team in the Big Apple, the Brodeur Partners NYC office. It was the top weather day of the year by far – beautiful sunshine, highs in the 80’s and calm winds, with a water temp of 76 degrees. Picture perfect.

Our destination was Sillery Bay on the Magothy River, where my team spent the afternoon sipping Margaritas and videoing their back flips and synchronized dives off the swim platform. Lots of Insta’s and Boomerangs. After a quick lunch break of burgers, dogs and veggie chips it was right back in the water. No 30 minute rule for this bunch!

All good things eventually come to an end, so with the sun low in the sky, we headed back to port for a shower, al fresco dinner and a very creative round of Brodeur Jeopardy. We regrouped the following morning for breakfast at the Inn, followed by a robust brainstorm.

My team departed around noon, leaving me with a couple hour window to ready the boat for my next guests. Friday marked the return of Britt, along with her friend Christiana and, of course, Alice. After some pretty heavy rain in the morning, the afternoon cleared and ultimately gave way to a beautiful evening. I was reminded of the Panic! At the Disco song, “All was golden in the sky/All was golden when the day met the night.”

Our dockmates, Faith and Bob, joined us for dinner. We grilled up a buffet that would rival the Golden Corral (well, not really): shrimp kabobs, BBQ chicken, asparagus and Old Bay roasted corn on the cob. Accompanied by a healthy serving of salad and red wine, lots of red wine!

One of the features that sold us on the Beneteau GT was its electric grill. To be able to perch on the swim platform and cook away while still remaining actively involved socially with the rest of our boatmates is priceless.

What a difference a day makes (24 Little Hours). Saturday was sunny but the winds were back, in force, blowing 30 knots. We were “knot” heading out on the Bay this day. We’ve always wanted to visit the Tiki Bar over in Fairlee Creek, so we set our sights on Great Oak Manor Marina.

We dropped the Jeep’s top and headed over to Jellyfish Joel’s Tiki Bar for lunch, where Britt, Christiana, Alice and myself had a front row seat to the massive boats navigating the powerful current and winds at the entrance to Fairlee Creek. With a Grapefruit Crush in hand (a variation of the popular MD shore Orange Crush cocktail) we sat back and watched the the substantially-sized boats head straight for the beach before making a hard dogleg turn into the Creek. Wow, they came so close that we could almost give the skipper a high five as they passed.

After lunch it was back in the Jeep and on our way to Rock Hall.  We stopped off for some blueberries at a local farm with an honor payment box.  Back at the marina we headed out for a dingy raft up in Swan Creek with Bob and Faith and Peder and Cathy. Talk about relaxing – we all just floated free, as a group of three. It was amazingly chill.

We were itching to head out on the Bay so it was up early Sunday for a cruise to the Magothy River. We passed a huge cruise ship that barely cleared the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Britt and Christiana spent the morning in and out of the water, doing yoga poses on the swim platform. Namaste.

All in all, it was a relaxing rendezvous.

Fair winds & following seas,

Keith ⚓️

The Best in the Biz – Brodeur NYC


Britt and Christiana Lighting Up the Bow
Tiki Time
High Five Skip!
Juicy Blueberries
Love this group! Sometimes small really is better than big (Thanks BeachCat)
Lil’ Sunday Cruisin’
All Good things Come to an End (Hat tip to Britt for Awesome Pic)

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