Boat Drinks…and Boat Cards

Any nautical wheeler worth his or her salt is familiar with the term boat drinks, both from the Jimmy Buffett song and the actual satisfying beverage. Dark & Stormy, Gin & Tonic, Rum Punch, Painkiller and, of course, Margarita. In fact, some vessels even boast their own signature boat drinks.

We always love sampling the favorite pours of our dock mates. On board ‘Tis the SeaSun, Mermaid Water is our signature cocktail. Mermaid Water is a refreshing combination of spiced and coconut rums, pineapple and lime juices and blue curacao. We serve it with a mini mermaid lounging on the rim of the glass. It’s tasty and makes for a fun conversation piece.

Up until this past weekend, we weren’t familiar with boat cards. What are boat cards, you ask? Think of them as business cards for your boat. What a brilliant idea.

We’re constantly meeting new people. In addition to trying to remembering all their names we are tasked with recalling the names of their boats. Enter the boat card – a handy, dandy reminder of a boat’s name and its crew, as well as their contact information. Our dock mate, Glenn, presented us with our first boat card and naturally, since we loved it so much, Alice and I went right out and designed and printed our own.

Speaking of this weekend, it was a wonderful family affair. From cornhole and ice cream (amidst a torrential downpour) with Margaret, to toes in the water and crab cakes with Britt to giant chess and blue cheese sliders with Alice.

I truly am one lucky guy.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️

Mermaid Water
Our nautical calling card

Overcast day on Ferry Park Beach
Britt’s got her toes in the water…
Knighty night

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