A Weekend of Firsts

There were a number of firsts this weekend aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun, including welcoming my high school buddy, Dave, aboard for the first time. I also welcomed back another fellow Connolly Cougar, Al.

After picking up Dave at the Wilmington Amtrak station we shopped for our food, stocked up on a few different IPAs, headed to Rock Hall and provisioned the boat.  Being the seasoned angler he is, Dave brought along his fishing pole and was eager to cast for some striped bass, referred to locally as rockfish.  So, we fired up the dingy, grabbed a couple IPAs and set off for the spot where the Chesapeake Bay feeds into Swan Creek.  It was the first time I had taken the inflatable that far from the marina.

After about an hour of casting and drifting, the only thing we caught was a gorgeous sunset.  The sky was mostly covered in clouds exhibiting a purple hue, with small openings letting a stab of light shine through.  We had the entire Bay to ourselves.

It was off to Osprey Point for dinner, where we bellied up to the bar and ordered Manhattans.  Caesar salad, steak, prime rib and red wine followed.  Miraculously, we somehow managed to save room for dessert.  Back on board the boat, two fingers of Bullet bourbon capped the night.

Al arrived early the next morning and we set a course for the Corsica River, where we dropped anchor for the first time in a quiet, protective cove.  The only action on the river were the many hawks, and even a bald eagle, flying over head.  Dave broke out his rod once again, planted his feet on the swim platform and let the lure fly towards the shoreline.  Plop, then a bite, and just like that there was a 15″ stripper on the line.  That rockfish was the first fish ever caught on my boat.  After snapping a few pics we released it back into the river.

The wind picked up late afternoon and we left the calmness of the Corsica into some chop on the Chester River to some serious rollers back out in the Bay.  The Beneteau handled the waves well and before long we were back at Haven Harbour.  We cleated our lines, hosed her down and headed off to dinner, where barbecued ribs and fries awaited us.

In the morning, with Al was off to beat the bridge traffic, Dave and I were on our way to Wilmington to get him on an earlier train.  He had upgraded to First Class on the Acela, a first for him. Life is good, especially with good friends whom you first met back in high school.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


Dave Fishing From the Dingy


Purple Clouds Overhead


Three Amigos


Got My Toes Near the Water




Naval Maneuvers

Upon arriving at Haven Harbour with my little sister, Trish, and brother-in-law, Gary, we were greeted by a strange-looking chalky figurehead on the prow of a boat.  An ominous omen, perhaps.   Because just an hour or so later dark clouds began to form, the wind picked up and it was apparent to all that a major storm was brewing.

We grabbed raincoats and umbrellas, ran to our car and headed next door to Osprey Point for dinner.  We barely made it inside before the skies exploded. Safely inside, we settled in and enjoyed a wonderful meal: Prime Rib, Soft Shell Crabs, Grilled Chicken and some red wine.  By the time we finished the squall had passed and we had a relatively dry return trip to the boat, except for a soggy shoe or two.

The rain moved out and Saturday was hot and dry.  We set out to spend the day at one of our favorites places on the Bay, Annapolis.  We hitched our vessel to a town mooring, caught the water taxi to shore and set out to enjoy our day.

First stop was the Naval Academy.  The 338-acre campus, all of it a National Landmark, is located on the former grounds of Fort Severn, at the junction of the Chesapeake Bay and the Severn River.  We didn’t walk the entire campus but we did get a great feel for the richness of it’s history.  And I did find time to purchase a “Bill the Goat” floppy sun hat.

Then it was off to lunch at Pusser’s.  The food was so-so but the front row seat to all the comings and goings in Ego Alley was worth it.  The traffic was constant and diverse:  power boats, sailboats, ferries, kayaks, paddle boards, jet skis and inflatables.  It it floated, it was there.

After lunch we walked through town where we met The Mayor, a huge bullmastif.  Alice grabbed a quick pic as she did her best to avoid his drool. Then the ladies set off to shop while Gary and I baked in the afternoon heat. Our patience was eventually rewarded with a Kilwin’s  ice cream.

Later that evening, back in Rock Hall, we headed over the Waterman’s for another night of good food, laughter and music.  What started as an ominous weather weekend ended under calm and peaceful skies.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


White Walker, Perhaps?


Dark Skies at Night, Run for Cover


‘Tis the SeaSun Moored in Annapolis Harbor


Water Taxi Couples


Anchors Aweigh…Go Navy, Beat Army!


Alice and the Mayor


Old Bi-Plane Suspended from the Rafters of a Naval Academy Building

Pirate Flags & Wenches Booty

Avast, Ye!  The Annual Pirates & Wenches weekend was in full swing by the time we arrived in Rock Hall with our guests, Patrick and Sara.  The festival was quite festive and the majority of attendees were sporting swashbuckling and sexy attire.   The rain was holding off and the town was ready for action.  

Haven Harbour set off their cannon salute at 5 p.m. to mark the official start of the weekend and the start of The Haven Yacht Club’s Pirate Party.  We kept the plundering to a minimum while enjoying plenty of grog and grub.  The food was tasty and creative: Seaweed Wraps, Pirate Booty, Cannon Balls, Polly Crackers and Dead Man’s Fingers.  And blimey!, the Pirate Punch packed quite the real punch.

After much munching and mingling (and even a Pirate Santa sighting) we headed back to ‘Tis the SeaSun for a dingy ride and sunset cruise.  Although the clouds overtook the sun, we still had a great time traversing Swan Creek in the inflatable and counting the many Jolly Rogers flying high above the waterline.  Having avoided Dave Jones’ locker, we considered the evening a success.  

On Saturday morning, we scallywags rode our bikes into town for breakfast sandwiches and iced coffee at Java Rock.  The little “downtown” area was bustling with Buccaneers and Main Street was closed to vehicle traffic and host to pop up retail tents with lots of booty to purchase.  There was even activities for the kids, including a pirate performer riding a unicycle while juggling knives and a lighted torch.  Don’t try this at home!

In addition to the many pirates and wenches, there were mermaids scattered all about town.  They were perched on beanbag “rocks” in their own private lairs, replete with a selection of siren songs playing overhead.  

Later that afternoon we took the Jeep jitney over to the town’s beach, a small, rocky waterline that was adorned with swashbuckling swag and hoards of rum swilling sea dogs.  There were food trucks, frozen concoctions and, yes, more mermaids. A cheerleading stunting demonstration was even “spotted” beachside.  

Evening rolled around and we all wandered over to Waterman’s to watch the crowning of the King and Queen and enjoy the dock dance party, which continued on despite the lightening and torrential downpour.  Seems like a little rain does not dampen the swashbuckler, or wenches, spirit.  The harder it rained the more they boogied, looking  like they were celebrating the plundering of a kings ransom.

On Sunday it was time to take the big boat out, so we pushed off and charted a southerly course for the Corsica River, a new destination for us.  The Corsica is up the Chester River and home to the now-closed Russian Embassy’s Country Retreat, a 45-acre compound overlooking the water.  

The River was calm, serene and unspoiled.  The adjacent shoreline was protected, plush and pleasing to the eye.  Or should I say, Aye!

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️

Boom! The Haven Harbour Cannon
Photo Op with The Haven Yacht Club Buccaneer
Don’t Try This at Home!
The Weekend Crew
Pirate Santa Role-Playing, “Local DJ & Taylor Swift”
Pat & Sara Contemplating New Lands to Conquer
Lawns, Boats & Shoreline All Decorated for the Festival

Just the Two of Us

“I want to spend some time with you.”  It was Just the Two of Us this past weekend.   While Alice and I thoroughly enjoyed hosting many of our family and friends this season, we both were looking forward to a little one-on-one time on the boat.  It was our date weekend.

We arrived on Friday evening in time for the sunset.  So, after we loaded the boat with our weekend supplies, we made ourselves a Grapefruit Crush and set off in the dingy, bobbing in and out of the docks of Haven Harbour and Osprey Point.  Eventually,  we cruised out into Swan Creek,  grabbing a front row inflatable seat for the sunset.

Once again, a front moved in the following morning and we awoke to another very windy day.  It was gusting to 30mph and the waves were cresting at four feet.  A group of boats arrived at our marina that morning, having sailed south from the Sassafras River. They were visible shaken by the experience.

Besides the emotional toll the trip had taken, there were physical losses as well. One had his TV antenna blow off his hardtop roof. Another had significant canvas damage. Although Alice and I had planned to explore the Corsica River that day, after hearing these stories it was a no-brainer to put those plans on hold.

Despite the wind, it was still a beautifully sunny day, with high clouds. So, we dropped the top on the Jeep Wrangler and set our sights on St. Michaels. We’d never been to the town before but a visit there has always been atop our list. If we couldn’t make it be sea, we’d make it by land.

Equipped with a bunch of recommendations from my friend Lauren, we were on our way.  St. Michael’s turned out to be all that we expected, and more.  It is the quintessential seaside town, chockfull of shops, eateries and boats.  One of the main attractions that we will return to experience is the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.         

We started our visit at the Crab Claw, a total tourist trap, for sure, but one with the best crab cake I have had in a long time.   From there, we strolled down Talbot Street and contributed nicely to the local economy.  Then it was off to Foxy’s, a small, yet vibrant, harbor-side bar with a great playlist and yummy blender drinks.

It was also the satellite location for the original Foxy’s in Jost Van Dyke, a favorite water hole of ours, and, on this day, home to a guy hanging out with his 8 week old Dachshund puppy. We got to talking and he was lamenting the fact that the pup was less of a chick magnet than he had expected.  Poor guy.

As were were leaving we gave the pooch one last tummy rub.  It was just then that good fortune shone upon the dog’s owner.  A bikini-clad woman walked up to him and exclaimed, “I will totally hug and kiss your weiner.”  Without missing a beat, the guy turned towards me, winked and stated, “I think I found her.”

It was a scene straight out of a Farrelly Brothers movie, and I was in a supporting role.  What a hysterical LOL moment.

All in all, we had a blast in St. Michaels and we can’t wait to return.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith 🐶

Just the Two of Us…On A Sunset Dingy Cruise

‘Tis the SeaSun Soaking Up Some Starboard Rays

Another Beautiful Chesapeake Sunset

Walking Around St. Michael’s Town

Yep, There Really Was a Dachshund Puppy!

Daddy-Daughter Days

“I know a girl/She puts the color inside of my world,” crooned John Mayer, formally of Fairfield, Conn., in his Grammy-winning song, Daughters.

Margaret, my colorful eldest daughter, also formally of Fairfield, joined us this weekend.  With just a couple weeks left before she leaves for her semester abroad, Alice and I welcomed Margaret aboard, for a weekend of relaxation and fun.

With a Nor’easter moving across Maryland, we decided to hang in Pennsylvania on Friday, before heading south the following day.  Our Daddy-Daughter weekend kicked off early morning and included a spin class at Soul Cycle, beverages at Starbucks and lunch from Sweet Greens.  We even found time before the rains arrived in PA to fit in my new drone’s inaugural flight.

We were up and out on Saturday, a sunny day with a very strong breeze.  The Bay was pretty choppy when we arrived so we decided to remain dockside.  The afternoon was spent tinkering, cleaning and chilling. New Girl on Netflix was on a loop in the salon. A throwback playlist was flowing up top.

As late afternoon rolled around a bunch of our nautical neighbors stopped by for a little wine and cheese, and storytelling.  Afternoon soon turned to early evening and we were treated to another spectacular Chesapeake Bay sunset.

The next day, after cleaning and closing up the boat for the week, we headed to Fairlee Creek by car to grab lunch at Jellyfish Joel’s Tikki Bar. Music was pumping courtesy of DJ Shorty Rock, a dwarf in a Michael Vick Eagles jersey.  He was entertaining, engaging and played an eclectic mix of new and old, including some great 70s and 80s tunes.

That little sandspit was hopping, thanks to the diminutive dude behind the turntables. Hey, how about some John Mayer, Mr. DJ?

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️

I Want to Ride My Bicycle…


This Girl Puts the Color Inside of My World


You Rock, M!


Jammin’ at Jellyfish Joel’s


The Four-Legged Mr. DJ


100 Degrees of Perspiration

“My temperature runs a couple of degrees high, around a hundred.” 

So rasped Kathleen Turner as Matty Walker in the 1981 neo-noir thriller, Body Heat. Some 30 years later, as we began our Maryland weekend, her words would portend that week’s boating experience. Joining us this weekend, all the way from Quebec City, were are friends Caroline and Daniel.  Caroline and I share the same birthday, so we decided upon a joint celebration aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun.

As we headed south to Maryland in my Jeep, the dashboard thermometer hit 101 degrees.  We were in the midst of a brutal heatwave and our Canadian guests were doing their best to assimilate to a 30-degree temperature swing from back home.  Just the simple act of breathing caused us all to break out in a sweat.

There was little relief from the heat to be found, except maybe at the marina’s pool. So, upon arriving at the boat, we sent our guests off to cool down while Alice and I prepped the boat and cranked the onboard AC.  I changed out of one sweat-drenched shirt to the next until finally accepting the fact that I was going to continue to perspire, whether I was active or sedentary.

Early evening temps settled into the low 80’s as we served up some local fare for dinner, Maryland crab cakes, along with some frosty white wine. Dinner was followed by a very competitive game of Jenga.  And while we didn’t come close to breaking the world record of 40 levels, but we did hit 14 and relished in our achievement.

Alice surprised Caroline and I with a dockside birthday party afterwards.  We were joined for our celebration by Cathy and Peder, who gifted me a wine glass, adorned with an anchor and fittingly inscribed with the words, Bad Bouy.

Despite the excessive heat and humidity, Alice was able to successfully keep our b-day surprise chilled: Prosecco and chocolate-covered strawberries.  So thoughtful and so tasty.

Saturday we were up early and on our way to Annapolis.  With possible thunderstorms in the forecast I would keep an eye on the sky.  Heavy rain was predicted for the evening so it looked like we had a clear day to be on the water.

Unfortunately, a new day did not bring with it a break in the heat.  The breeze from running our Beneteau at 21 knots felt refreshing.  That feeling quickly disappeared when we entered Annapolis harbor and tied up to a mooring ball. The sun’s heat was relentless, there was no breeze to be had and the need for an air conditioned restaurant was imperative.

Thankfully, we were able to hail a water taxi and head to town without too much delay.  After disembarking, we walked along Ego Alley, past a boat called, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  WTF, that name captured perfectly our attitude towards the weather.

Lunch was at the perfect climate controlled, Red Red Wine.  A Cuban panini and white wine mango sangria hit the spot.  Afterwards, it was back outside, strolling the sun-drenched brick streets.

“The heat is on/It’s on the street”

It was so hot that we all agreed we deserved ice cream.  So we stopped off for a few cones.  I ordered my go to: Java Chocolate Chip.

As we headed back to the water taxi I received a severe weather alert on my phone.  Thunderstorms and damaging winds were approaching, several hours early than originally predicted.  I had a quick decision to make: Try and outrun the storm or seek shelter.

We reversed course, pulled up a bar stool and settled in with a front row seat for the deluge.  Within moments of us all slipping inside the skies opened up, unleashing a firehose of precipitation, soaking pedestrians and flooding the tiny streets.

We spent about 45 minutes riding out the storm and then headed back to the water taxi, traversing the harbor in a light rain.  By the time we arrived back at our boat the sun, and the swelter, re-emerged.

The heat may have been back, and on, but the 50 mile an hour gusts that accompanied the thunderstorms were gone. With a near empty Bay to ourselves, we enjoyed a nice, smooth ride back to Rock Hall.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


Triple Digit Temps = Seaside Sauna


The Many Faces of Jenga


The Birthday Celebration Crew


#LetsStayCool Selfie


Our Exact Feelings on the Heatwave – WTF?


Maryland Statehouse


The Old Treasury Building, Annapolis


Reminiscent Reunion

Alice and I arrived in Rock Hall early Friday evening, just as the skies to our East started to grow darker.  We knew we were in a race against time.  There was definitely a front moving in with what looked like a doozy of a storm brewing, leaving us with only a precious few minutes before it was upon us.

Our gear was unloaded from the Jeep in a flash. We power-walked our carts down the dock and unloaded our supplies in record time, just before the skies unloaded a torrential downpour.

Checking the forecast, we learned we were in for three hours of heavy rain. So, we decided to make the most of our situation and settled in to re-watch the final two episodes of last season’s Game of Thrones.

When the storm finally abated, the skies turned pink, signaling a good boating day ahead, when my high school friend, Al, and his beautiful wife, Mary, were visiting.

Saturday rolled around and Al and Mary arrived under a mix of sun and clouds with very hot temperatures. We decided to sip on some Mermaid Water before heading out on the Bay, and it’s a good thing we did. We learned the next day that a water spout had crossed the Bay, right in front of the bridge, along our planned route to the Magothy River. We missed it by less than 30 minutes.

The Magothy was still and the heat building when we arrived. Our resident buccaneer, Al, hung my Pirate flag and we settled in for the afternoon.

Despite the heat, we used the electric grill and fired up some burgers, enjoying them with a crunchy vegetable salad. The only plundering we had the energy for was stealing a few cold Coronas from the cooler.

Our trip back was choppy, with the spray from the waves occasionally hitting me in the helm. That didn’t stop Al and I from signing along to my old school playlist at the top of our lungs.

That evening we, once again, hit Watermans Crab House for dinner and live music. We hung out well past dinner, singing along to the band and playing name that tune to their classic rock set.

Back at the boat, with the ladies asleep, Al and I sipped on two fingers of Bullet bourbon while reminiscing and catching up on the latest comings and goings, before eventually settling into our respective cabins.

After Sunday morning breakfast we set out on a dingy ride around the marina.  Soon it was time for this week’s crew to depart. We kissed and hugged and said our goodbyes to Al and Mary.

As we walked back to the dock I couldn’t help but start singing some Little River Band.  The song, Reminiscing, was on at full volume inside my head:

“Now As the Years Roll On/Each Time We Hear Our Favorite Song/The Memories Come Along”

Fair Winds & Following Seas,

Keith ⚓️


Pink Skies at Night, Sailor’s Delight


From Fall River, Mass. to Rock Hall, Md – Connolly Cougars ’78

Ahoy, Me Hearties!

Another Yummy Crab House Dinner


A Family Affair

“A Child Grows Up To Be/Somebody Who Just Loves To Learn”

It was a true family affair in Rock Hall this weekend. While there was no Jody, Buffy, Cissy or Mr. French aboard, there were an assortment of ambitious academics on ‘Tis the SeaSun. Better known as the Mulligan sisters, these learned ladies brought along a pair of Eds, one Jason and a Danny, and boasted more than 40 years of higher education among them, spanning fields as diverse as engineering, law, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, nursing and human sexuality.  Boring, it was not!

Saturday was a beautifully sunny day, with a fairly stiff breeze, which picked up considerably as my nine crew members arrived.  Despite the wind, the forecast only called for 1-2 foot waves so we decided to head out on the Bay.  There we were quickly met with 3-4 foot rollers.  The boat was tossing and turning, I was gripping the wheel firmly to stay on course and my crew was getting splashed by the waves.

We had two options: pop some Dramamine and stay the course, or end our trip by heading back to port.  I settled on the latter, returning to the marina with what I later discovered was with another crewmate: a fish that had been tossed up on the swim platform when a wave crested over the stern.

All was not lost, however, as I spent the afternoon providing dingy rides around the Creek.  In between trips, we noshed on Carol’s amazing coconut pudding shots, replete with a tiny silver spoon.

Soon it was off to Waterman’s Crab House for a great dinner, a ton of laughs and some fun classic rock from a good local band.  We topped off the night with waffle cones and shakes from Get the Scoop.

While those treats were yummy, the biggest treat for me was getting to spend quality time with my new family.  Slainte.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,
Keith ⚓️


Dingy Sunset
Dockside Sunset
The Mulligan Clan
Dingy Daze with Danny
Enjoying a Waterman’s Feast
Spray Painted Lawn Flag – Rock Hall

Star Spangled Stags

Fairfield University was representing this holiday weekend, as I welcomed fellow Stags Brad and Marylou back aboard ‘Tis the SeaSun. Besides being a great roommate, Brad is one of the best cooks I know. We were in for a treat, as he and ML whipped up the weekend’s menu.

We finished provisioning the boat right before the skies opened up and a howling summer storm hit. The wind was fierce and the rain was horizontal. As fast as it arrived, the storm blew out, leaving behind a beautiful evening, loaded with abundant sunshine.

When the skies cleared our dockmate’s Chesapeake Bay retrievers decided to go for a swim in the Creek. We watched the two Chessies swim and retrieve until they tired, and one of their oversized green tennis balls floated away. Feeling sorry for them, we hopped into the dingy, setting out to conduct some nautical retrieving ourselves.

After successfully returning the green neon orb to its rightful owner, we cruised around the Creek for a bit and then headed back for dinner. The menu: Old Bay seasoned shrimp and Tomato/Basil/Mozzarella. It was delish.

Sunday morning rolled around and we were up and on our way with Peder and Cathy to Herrington Harbor on the western shore. The skies were clear and the seas smooth. It was a beautiful ride and, surprisingly, the Bay was relatively void of boat traffic. We followed Still Dreaming out of Rock Hall, into the Bay, under the Bridge, past an enormous Cruise Ship and south to Tracy’s Landing.

We arrived a little after high noon to a real “scorcha,” as we say in Boston. Turn up the heat: It was 90 degrees with literally no breeze. We couldn’t get the AC powered on fast enough.

A lazy afternoon soon turned to early evening and it was time for showers and boat drinks.  We cleaned up and headed over to Peder and Cathy’s boat. There we were met with a warm welcome and a succulent spread of apps.

After lots of storytelling, belly laughing and one bloody toe (mine), we shared our thanks and headed back to our side of the marina to grill up some Flintstone-sized, coffee-rubbed rib eyes, under the shade of a cluster of oak trees. Those bad boys were dished up with a side of grilled corn on the cob and the best Barolo to ever pleasure my palate.

Monday, another hot one, was upon us. We scored some relief from the heat as we took ‘Tis on plane and headed North at 21 knots. Today’s destination was the Magothy River and a day on the hook.  We grilled burgers and dogs and chilled for a few hours before heading back to Rock Hall, where we had a front row seat to the town’s fireworks from the bow of our boat.

Most of the marina had cleared out by Tuesday afternoon, including our crew. After cleaning the boat following a long weekend of fun, Alice and I headed to the shoreline, settled into an adirondack chair and savored a cold draft beer, compliments of bartender extraordinaire, Matthew.

Post dinner, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert in town, polishing off our scoops at Durdings, a true throw back to ice cream parlor days of the past. It was a fitting end to our own college throwback weekend.

Fair Winds & Following Seas,
Keith ⚓️

Saturday’s Storm Was Fast & Furious
Nautical Retrievers, Stag Style…Alice, Brad, Marylou and I Enjoying Late Afternoon Sunshine


The Best B/T/M Ever!
Our Boat Cruising By A Gigantic Carnival Cruise Ship


Nestled In the Slip at Herrington Harbour
The Always Dreaming and ‘Tis the SeaSun Crew


Stags for Life and Members of Nova Nation, Thanks to Our Kids
Another Magnificent Chesapeake Sunset…Perfect Sky for Fireworks.


Matthew, Passage Bartender Extraordinaire, Showing His Independence Day Spirit

Seaside Rendezvous, Times Two

We brought a lot of folks together this past weekend for some fun in the sun. Nine in total visited ‘Tis the SeaSun for an action packed gathering of co-workers, family and friends over the course of four days.

I kicked it all off on Thursday with an offsite for the best PR team in the Big Apple, the Brodeur Partners NYC office. It was the top weather day of the year by far – beautiful sunshine, highs in the 80’s and calm winds, with a water temp of 76 degrees. Picture perfect.

Our destination was Sillery Bay on the Magothy River, where my team spent the afternoon sipping Margaritas and videoing their back flips and synchronized dives off the swim platform. Lots of Insta’s and Boomerangs. After a quick lunch break of burgers, dogs and veggie chips it was right back in the water. No 30 minute rule for this bunch!

All good things eventually come to an end, so with the sun low in the sky, we headed back to port for a shower, al fresco dinner and a very creative round of Brodeur Jeopardy. We regrouped the following morning for breakfast at the Inn, followed by a robust brainstorm.

My team departed around noon, leaving me with a couple hour window to ready the boat for my next guests. Friday marked the return of Britt, along with her friend Christiana and, of course, Alice. After some pretty heavy rain in the morning, the afternoon cleared and ultimately gave way to a beautiful evening. I was reminded of the Panic! At the Disco song, “All was golden in the sky/All was golden when the day met the night.”

Our dockmates, Faith and Bob, joined us for dinner. We grilled up a buffet that would rival the Golden Corral (well, not really): shrimp kabobs, BBQ chicken, asparagus and Old Bay roasted corn on the cob. Accompanied by a healthy serving of salad and red wine, lots of red wine!

One of the features that sold us on the Beneteau GT was its electric grill. To be able to perch on the swim platform and cook away while still remaining actively involved socially with the rest of our boatmates is priceless.

What a difference a day makes (24 Little Hours). Saturday was sunny but the winds were back, in force, blowing 30 knots. We were “knot” heading out on the Bay this day. We’ve always wanted to visit the Tiki Bar over in Fairlee Creek, so we set our sights on Great Oak Manor Marina.

We dropped the Jeep’s top and headed over to Jellyfish Joel’s Tiki Bar for lunch, where Britt, Christiana, Alice and myself had a front row seat to the massive boats navigating the powerful current and winds at the entrance to Fairlee Creek. With a Grapefruit Crush in hand (a variation of the popular MD shore Orange Crush cocktail) we sat back and watched the the substantially-sized boats head straight for the beach before making a hard dogleg turn into the Creek. Wow, they came so close that we could almost give the skipper a high five as they passed.

After lunch it was back in the Jeep and on our way to Rock Hall.  We stopped off for some blueberries at a local farm with an honor payment box.  Back at the marina we headed out for a dingy raft up in Swan Creek with Bob and Faith and Peder and Cathy. Talk about relaxing – we all just floated free, as a group of three. It was amazingly chill.

We were itching to head out on the Bay so it was up early Sunday for a cruise to the Magothy River. We passed a huge cruise ship that barely cleared the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Britt and Christiana spent the morning in and out of the water, doing yoga poses on the swim platform. Namaste.

All in all, it was a relaxing rendezvous.

Fair winds & following seas,

Keith ⚓️

The Best in the Biz – Brodeur NYC


Britt and Christiana Lighting Up the Bow
Tiki Time
High Five Skip!
Juicy Blueberries
Love this group! Sometimes small really is better than big (Thanks BeachCat)
Lil’ Sunday Cruisin’
All Good things Come to an End (Hat tip to Britt for Awesome Pic)